Netflix’s Mowgli: Rohan Chand on playing the iconic character, and his love for Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai

Rohan Chand, star of Netflix’s upcoming Jungle Book adaptation, Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, speaks to Hindustan Times about playing the iconic character, his love for Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai.

Rohan Chand was probably too young to understand the immensity of his role when he started work on Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle. But the film’s long and troubled production, during which Rohan entered his teens and the film switched studios, has given him enough time to fully appreciate what Mowgli, and The Jungle Book, means to fans. “It was a really long shoot, but to be able to bring Mowgli back to his origins is great,” he said. Rohan was in Mumbai to attend the world premiere – the first of its kind held for a major Hollywood film in India – along with director Andy Serkis and co-stars Christian Bale and Freida Pinto. “Many people love it here,” he said, “and to be able to bring it back to the people who love it most is really great. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle had been given an October release date by Warner Bros, but weeks after the release of its first trailer, it was abruptly announced that the studio had sold its distribution rights to Netflix. It has been more than four years since Rohan was cast in the film, a passion project for Serkis. He was among the first people Serkis hugged emotionally after the premiere screening. The numerous delays turned out to be a blessing in disguise, Rohan said. “Just due to the storyline, they wanted to have me age a little bit,” he said. “I was 10 when I got involved with the project, but it has all been worth it.”

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