#HappybirthdayKaleyCuocoCook: Here’s a shout out to the actress and an ardent animal lover!

Wish you a Very Happy Birthday Kaley!

It’s Kaley Cuoco-Cook’s birthday today a.k.a. our very own Penny Leonard Hofstader! Kaley landed her first role on television in 1992 at the age of 7! Since then, she won many roles in movies and modelling assignments. But not many know that Kaley was an amateur tennis player before she took up acting as a full-time profession. And you may also be unaware about the fact that Kaley is an ardent animal lover and is involved with multiple charities such as Friends of Animals, the Humane Society and Animal Avengers. The actress is time and again seen rescuing animals. In fact, her love for them is so pure that she got married at a horse ranch! The couple tied the knot outdoors with this stunning Pampa flower horseshoe installation which served as a beautiful backdrop while the couple took their vows. Her husband, Karl Cook, shares her love for animals too! Animals are a big part of their relationship. Together, they’re an equestrian power couple not just changing each other’s lives but also changing the lives of the horses and animals around them. Earlier this year, in an issue of Sidelines, the pair had said, “We have been each other’s true other half since day one and we can’t wait to spend forever together. Dogs, Horses and all.” [sic] Cook added, “Horses are a big part of our lives individually and together it’s amplified because it’s something we share and we can do it together.” [sic]

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