Bepannaah 30 November 2018 Written Update of full episode: Aditya and Zoya reunite forever

Bepannaah 30 November 2018 written update of full episode: today’s episode unites the lovely couple Aditya and Zoya

As Mili gets a call from Police about a dead body, Zoya gets tensed. She goes to identify the dead body. She is very scared. When she is about to open the bedsheet of the dead body, the inspector informs her that Aditya is fine and the dead body belongs to someone else. Zoya feels relaxed. The inspector informs that the dead body is of the son of a lady whom Aditya has brought there. Zoya notices that Aditya has come there with Nani. She tells Zoya that the dead body belongs to Rajveer. She says that she lost the battle against Zoya. She apologizes for whatever she behaved with Zoya due to the anger in her mind and decided to take revenge from Zoya. She pleads Zoya to forgive her so that God can forgive her sins. She cries a lot. Later Nani leaves from there. Aditya gets a call from home. He runs immediately as the call is regarding Anjana. Zoya follows him. On the other side, Arjun reaches Siddiqui house. Roshnaq opens the door. She is shocked to see him. Arjun asks her whether he can come inside. Roshnaq is tensed as Waseem will not like that.Arjun enters in. Waseem gets angry to see him. He asks him about the reason to come there. Arjun explains that he knows that Waseem doesn’t like him but Arjun says that he wants to say something keeping their past apart.

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